Welcome to my online teaching module titled Hemodialysis Kinetics 101: The ‘key’ to KT/Vurea.

I  am an academic nephrologist at the Yale school of medicine and VA medical center in Connecticut. As part of my clinical and teaching responsibilities, I supervise nephrology fellows while they care for hemodialysis patients in our outpatient dialysis unit. I frequently find that the area of hemodialysis kinetics and adequacy can be difficult for our trainees and house staff to conceptualize. I have created this online teaching tool in the hopes of making this subject fun and easy to understand using video animations and interactive case-based discussions. The goal of this teaching module is to help the user conceptualize the principles of solute transport, urea kinetics and hemodialysis adequacy. In every section, clinical pearls are highlighted to help understand the clinical impact of these concepts. I hope you find this module useful and enjoy learning with it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Feel free to explore the website any way you please, but I recommend going through the pages in sequential order by starting with the Basics, moving on to Kt/VUrea , and concluding with the Clinical Cases section. You may continue to use the website as a reference in which the “For Review” category in the top right will be helpful repository of information.

I have no conflicts of interest to disclose.